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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Now I am someone who’s sleep can range from one extreme to the other but I’ve recently noticed that the quality of my sleep is improving and I’m sleeping for longer.

I thought it might be useful to share a few of these tips, especially as we head into spring / summer with lighter nights and mornings and with all the other pandemic stress that is going on at the moment!

1) Black out blinds/curtains – these are an absolute must if you want to sleep before sunset or after sunrise. I truly don’t know where I’d be without thick curtains and blackout blinds. If you can’t afford blackout blinds or you live in rented accommodation and are not allowed to touch such things, you can always opt for an eye mask!

2) Reduce screen time – yes you’ve heard it before but blue light really can affect the quality of your sleep (just ask my Fitbit!) Putting your phone down 2 hours before sleep is ideal, but at the very least – 30 minutes.

As tempting as it is to look at Instagram or TikTok just before bed, you won’t be thanking the apps when you’re still awake at 3AM.

3) Talking – I don’t know about you but the most insignificant problems are the ones that wake me up at 4.39AM (to be precise) and in a sleep deprived confused state, they become the greatest problems of all time. Sharing your feelings with a loved one/friend/random person/professional during the day/evening can be enough to rationalise the thoughts in your head before you say goodnight to the world and ensure you have a much better nights sleep.

4) Avoid caffeine – another obvious one but if you’re craving a tea or coffee in the evening, there is always the Decaf option. As a dedicated decaf coffee drinker myself I promise there are good coffees on the market that barely taste any different (sorry tea drinkers I can’t help you – I really hate tea!)

5) Stimulate your mind and body throughout the day – this sounds a bit weird but (and especially whilst we might be temporarily not working/lockdown), ensure you are using your brain and body throughout the day. Use the 60 minute allocated slot to go for a walk/run/cycle/yoga, start reading books or commit to a new hobby. Not only are you getting the blood pumping but you won’t lie awake at night thinking ‘I really should have done that today’.

Trying to achieve this pose will keep you busy!

Now go put down your phone, run yourself a bath and have a good nights sleep!


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